Saturday, September 23, 2006

Welcome to single dads raising kids.

Welcome to single dads rising kids. This is about contributions of what works, what does not work, what are the father’s direct personal experiences and challenges. I ask that posting be in first person and about your own experience, not ‘ideas about’ or ‘social comments’. The intention of this blog is not just for men but for their children, just as any great father would want and understand. To support men in being better fathers and women in understanding the challenges that men face.

For example: (acceptable posting)“It is frustrating as a single parent when women act like I am being a ‘good boy’ to take kids for a while. I am it, mom left, I did my part to destroy the relationship AND she left her kids with not effort to stay in contact till years later. I did not even want kids when it was first brought up but the moment I held my baby daughter in my arms something changed at the core of me; I was a father and needed to get my stuff in order! I would enjoy hearing from other single fathers about how they deal with things.”

VS (unacceptable posting): “Today’s society does not recognize that men can be single dads and care just as deeply about their kids and mom’s. Also, all mom’s don’t have the same ‘maternal’ drive as we all think.

Notice the difference from the two posting. It is not about ‘taking full responsibility’ or having it ‘worded just right’ or ‘being politically correct’. It is about being real with your own experience for other men and women to read.

It this a posting for just men? To start but I am open to suggestions if it is clear it will add something to families and children’s.

Be well and thank you for your contribution.
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